Sponsoring – a chance for Interwetten, a chance for sport

Since its founding more than 30 years ago, Interwetten has been fully committed to sports!

Like our customers, we as a company are passionate about fair and high-class competitions, spectacular scenes, dramatic games and exciting races. Whether in football, tennis, skiing or racing - Interwetten is always there where the action is happening! 

Sports sponsorship is a very important part of Interwetten's marketing activities and has a high value to us.

With our commitments in sports, we want to create perfect conditions for ahtletes so that they can achieve top performances, and at the same time we can put our brand in the spotlight exactly where it comes to touchpoints with our customers. Together with our partners, we reach sports fans around the globe - in the stadium, or at the race track.

The focus within the scope of our sponsorship measures is naturally located in the top-class sport, such as the German Bundesliga, the Alpine Ski World Cup or the ATP World Tour:

  • In football, Interwetten is a Premium Business Partner of the German Bundesliga teams TSG Hoffenheim and VfL Wolfsburg.

  • As main and name sponsor, Interwetten is active in the Greek "Super League Interwetten" with a high presence.

  • Interwetten is also active in winter sports. As an official event partner of the Austrian Ski Federation, a big focus is set on high branding visibility at Alpine ski races in Schladming or the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel.
  • In tennis, Interwetten is a long-standing sponsor of the ATP 500 tennis tournament in Vienna.
Nevertheless, to keep working on the increase of the popularization of the Interwetten brand in the world of the sport is only one aim. It is equally important to find partners for us with whom we can work together for the long term and who shares the same values and visions so both sides can profit as much as possible.